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Mike Horsfall: Press

Mike he a vibes player or a piano player? Truth is, he's one of those multi-faceted musicians who plays both instruments brilliantly.

2012 Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival pamphlet (Aug 22, 2012)

"Mike's solos often were the ones pushing, but not quite outside the box, and showed extreme inventiveness, which is distinctly the sound of Tall Jazz that comes to my mind."

Steve Kullowatz - Jazzscene Newsletter

"Longtime OCJP favorite Mike Horsfall is in demand as a composer, arranger, recording artist, concert soloist and educator on both vibraphone and piano. "

"While the rhythm section tends to form a strong core, it's the solos -- Tim Jensen's flute, Mike Horsfall's vibes -- that grab the listener at unexpected moments."

Kevin Deitz's CD "Skyline" - Barnes & Noble CD Review

"I was very impressed with the smooth and professional way you led us through the evening... and your playing was great. "

bassist - Bob Magnusson

"Absolutely amazing concert last night, no wonder the crowd stayed until midnight!"

re: 22nd Tall Jazz Winter Jazz Concert - Diane Russell (Dec 4, 2010)

"Mike Horsfall on vibes, Phil Baker on bass, Dick Berk on drums, and Dan Balmer on guitar: not just an all-star cast but a dream cast. The evening would have made a great CD. Everyone was superb, not surprisingly, and were as tight as if they'd been a quartet many times before. Mike, who is the premier vibraphonist of the PNW but does not tour, proved that his virtuosity and precision match the best of the great vibes players that we think of as world class. He was brilliant. The list he put together included some of his own compositions, and I thought he particularly shone on Cedar Walton's "Bolivia." It was a packed house, and as far as I'm concerned, one of the best jazz evenings I've ever spent in Portland."


[This review is in regards to a performance on April 2, 2011, by Mike Horsfall, Dan Balmer, Phil Baker, and Dick Berk, at Arrivederci's Wine Bar in Milwaukie OR. ]

Dave Gates - Facebook (May 16, 2013)

"Mike Horsfall was absolutely outstanding on all those Kenton piano parts."

Bob Cogan - After-concert email (Feb 17, 2013)

"What an absolutely spectacular and thrilling night of big band music.   I was so pumped I had a difficult time trying to drive home." 

Nola Bogle - After-concert email (Feb 17, 2013)

"I love it when sessions go like this! Gear working properly, the right mics chosen (and tubes well warmed) before the player arrives. And then... THEN... someone like Mike Horsfall shows up and proceeds to nail five numbers to the wall on the first take."  

Devin Knutson, recording engineer - Facebook (Mar 24, 2013)

"State of Wonder" interview

This interview was conducted by April Baer with Darrell Grant and Mike Horsfall about their Oct. 17, 2013 concert covering the music of the Modern Jazz Quartet, being held at the Mission Theater, and including Marcus Shelby on bass and Carlton Jackson on drums.

April Baer - "State of Wonder", KOPB radio, Portland, OR (Oct 17, 2013)

Praise for solo piano CD "I Thought About You"