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Ode To A Vibes Generation - Tall Jazz: PHD 1014


Recorded in 2001 by Tall Jazz:  Mike Horsfall - vibes & piano, Dan Presley - bass, Kurt Deutscher - drums
This CD pays tribute to vibists Milt Jackson, Cal Tjader, and Red Norvo.

1. Tahiti
2. If You Could See Me Now
3. Davito
4. Union Square
5. Lillie
6. Igor
7. Bags Groove
8. Coit Tower
9. Brother Cal
10. Godchild
11. Ode To A Beat Generation
12. Sigmund Stern Groove
13. Seven Come Eleven
14. Afternoon In Paris
15. When The Sun Comes Out
16. Tres Palabras
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Vocal Jazz Arrangements

From Kristina Ploeger, choir dir., Eastern Wash. Univ.

"[W]hile we were there I heard some arrangements by Mike Horsfall.  He was directing Clark [College] because Janet Reiter had a conflict and most of Clark’s charts were arranged by him (I guess he’s a piano player/marimbist from the Portland area).  At any rate, I have never heard Clark sound so great!"

Stairway to the Stars - SATB choir arr.

This a capella ballad is written for SATB choir, and occasionally expands to SSATB. The chord voicings and voice leading is arranged to be easy to hear and understand.  There is one modulation, from C to Db (letter E). The ending is a little chromatic, but should be easily understood a&er a few listenings. It is a fairly stock ending.  There is an optional soprano solo at measure 33.  There are no dynamics indicated; feel free to add them as you see fit.

“Stairway to the Stars” has been recorded by many great jazz artists, such as Glen Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, and Bill Evans.  It was originally titled “Park Avenue Fantasy”, but earned it’s current title
a&er Mitchell Parish added the lyrics. It was used as background music in the filmn “Some Like It Hot”, on which Matt Malneck was the music director.

This arrangement can be purchased at Sound Music Publications:


Stairway to the Stars - a capella for SATB choir